Safer Communities Mediation Service

In our North East Region, we are very pleased to be working with the Safer Communities Mediation Service. It aims to help people resolve disputes or arguments between themselves, with the help of a trained mediator.

Mediation can help in a variety of disputes such as noise, boundaries, parking, access, graffiti and anti-social behaviour. Mediators are neutral, their role is to simply try to help those involved be responsible for their own actions, resolve their disputes and agree future behaviour.  

Mediation is meant to be a short term solution to help people change their ideas and understand how their actions can affect others.  

If you are in any kind of dispute or argument, the Safer Communities Mediation Service may be able to help you.

What do I do?

Contact the service. Once you have, or your details have been passed to them by someone else, (us for instance if you have asked us for help), a mediator will contact you. They will explain what will happen and arrange to visit you at a time and place that suits you.

What Happens Next?

The mediator will talk to you about what is happening and how it makes you feel. They may challenge what you think, but they won’t give you advice. They will look at what you think is a answer and how realistic that is. The mediator will also explain what happens next and how long things might take. They will then do this with the other people involved. The mediator will then prepare everyone for the joint meeting, which comes next. Te meeting will be arranged at a time and place suitable for everyone. 

What happens at the meeting?

Everyone will have a chance to talk about the situation and how it makes them feel before talking about possible solutions. Everything will be recorded, becoming a written agreement that everyone must sign. Agreements reached from mediation are more likely to work because the people involved have agreed solutions between them. If it is done at the first signs of a conflict, it can really help to build strong neighbourhood and community relationships.

If you think mediation could help a situation you are in, please get in touch with us or the Safer Communities Mediation Service on 01642 664440 or 07423 628 864, or write to Safer Communities Ltd, Corvette House, Falcon Court, Stockton-on-Tees TS18 3TX.

For more information visit or

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