Repairs Update - New Contractor

Accent South Repairs Update

Despite our promise to provide residents with a quality repairs service, we are still experiencing issues with our repairs in the south. We know this isn’t acceptable and can see it is causing upset and frustration. Firstly we want to apologise to those who are affected. Secondly, we want you to know that we are working hard to put this right. We want to build your trust in us, to do this, we will keep you fully up to date with our progress, and put in place a service you can rely on.

In November 2018 we ended a contract with a previous supplier. Because of the legal requirements surrounding how we enter in to such contracts, we began working with a temporary contractor which could only last for 50 weeks. This has given us time to check the market, properly understand what you need and expect from us and find a new contractor which will deliver the best possible service to you long term. We have been looking to partner with a contractor who:

  • Knows and works in your area – so we have a team of people who can respond quickly and reliably.
  • Is known for doing a great job – we want to make sure they provide the best service for our residents.
  • Is a well-run and financially stable organisation – we want to make sure the service you receive is absolutely top quality because we know there has been too much disruption to the repairs service you have received.
  • Has strong values and ethics – this is a partnership, and we want to make sure any service carried out by Accent is in line with our values. They might be our contractors, but it is our service they are delivering and we want to make sure it is the best.

We are pleased to announce that we will begin to work with a new contractor, Axis, in November. We are currently planning the mobilisation of this. During this transition, Axis will slowly begin to pick up repairs work from Monday 21st October before becoming fully operational next month. Axis are an established property services partner, who work with a range of housing associations, housebuilders and property management companies across the country, with particular focus in your area. They pride themselves on good customer service and are eager to get on board. CHS will continue to deliver the gas servicing and maintenance contract for which they have a good service history.

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