One Touch - Right First Time

In September last year, we introduced our new repairs and maintenance contracts.

They were designed to be more efficient, save money (for more investment into your homes), and to provide you with a more reliable and consistent service.

Unfortunately, the quality of service hasn’t been quite what we hoped in our East and South regions to date. Overall, the service in our North East, North West and Yorkshire regions is getting better, but we still need to improve our service across all our regions.

We have been working closely with all our contractors to make sure this happens, and we are hopeful for much better performance in some of the areas where our performance and your satisfaction is lowest. If things do not improve in our East and South regions, we may have some more decisive actions to take. If we do, we will keep you informed of what these are.

Future Improvements

Over the next 12 months or so, we will be working on more improvements to your repairs service. We want it to be first rate, a ‘one touch, right first time’ service. Our plan is to help you to diagnose your repair issues in just a few seconds, and for you to be able to report your repair in a number of ways – whichever is most convenient for you.

When you report your repair, we will make an appointment for a contractor to call and we will do what we can to get your repair fixed right first time, on time. If, for whatever reason we can’t, and we need to come back, we won’t leave your home until it is safe and secure, and until we have agreed the time and date of our next appointment to finish the job.
Your safety, security and comfort in your home is our top priority.

Over the next few weeks, as part of our plan to make these improvements, we will be asking you to let us know what you think of our repairs service. If you are contacted, please tell us what you think. Your feedback is really important to help us get it right. You can also help by telling us what you think about the repairs service, and reporting any problems quickly. We need to know why things aren’t right and what you think we need to do to make them better.

We will make sure our service improves.

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