One Bed Flats In Bradford – Spotlight

Are you looking for an affordable place to call home in Bradford? Perhaps you are looking for a one bed flat in the bustling city?

In this blog, we shine a spotlight on the affordable homes available in the northern city of Bradford. We outline what Bradford has to offer, how to find an affordable flat and provide tips on renting from a housing association.

Living In Bradford

Bradford is a truly unique city. Steeped in history, this large city combines the amazing countryside of the North with a rich mix of cultures.

It has fantastic transport links in and out of the city, including easy access to Leeds. Plus, there are two UNESCO heritage sites, an excellent university and lively nightlife.

There are different areas of Bradford that have distinct characteristics and charm, these include Bradford city centre, Howarth, Ilkley and Saltaire.

One of the best things about Bradford is the affordability. It is a cheap place to live and house prices are low compared to other UK cities.

Who Might Need A One Bed Flat?

A one bedroom flat is an ideal home for many people. It is perfect for an individual living alone or a couple. It is extremely affordable, and the utility rates tend to be very low.

Plus, living in a block of flats can offer an added layer of protection, which may be beneficial for someone living alone, particularly an elderly person. More often than not, blocks of flats have private parking, meaning it is ideal if you have a car.

If you are relocating to Bradford, moving into a one bed flat will allow you to test the waters and get a feel for the city whilst having enough money to get on your feet.

Similarly, if you are working in Leeds, a one bed flat in Bradford will usually be more affordable when compared to similar properties in Leeds. The commute is easy whether in a car or using public transport.

Finding An Affordable One Bed Flat

When finding a one bed flat in Bradford, you have three options. You could go down the private landlord route, however, this can be costly and challenging. Or you could rent a flat from a housing association, especially if you have a low income.

Your third option is renting a flat through a local authority, however, there can be some limitations to who is eligible, as well as a long waiting list.

Housing associations, such as Accent Housing, have a wide range of homes available to rent across the country. In some of our areas you can apply directly for one of our homes using our ‘Let’s Move’ system.

In other areas you’ll need to register with the local choice-based lettings scheme before being able to ‘bid’ on one of our properties. Details of the local choice-based lettings scheme for your area can be found on your local authorities’ website.

Find one bedroom flats in Bradford here.

Renting From A Housing Association

Housing associations provide affordable and high-quality homes to people on low income and those who need additional support. Housing Association’s also develop new build homes for sale through government schemes, such as Shared Ownership.

 If you were to rent a one bed flat in Bradford from a housing association, your tenancy agreement would be based on when you became a tenant and the type of property you are in. There are several types of tenancy agreements when renting from a housing association. The two most common agreements are Starter Tenancy Agreements and Assured Tenancy Agreements.

A Starter Tenancy is usually for those who haven’t rented from that particular housing association before. It is a 12 month tenancy that is promoted to assured tenancy once the 12 months are up as long as there are no issues or breaches of the agreement.

An Assured Tenancy is the most popular type of tenancy agreement. The cost of your rent will be set at the start of your tenancy and will be reviewed after one year.

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