More Than Homes

As a housing association, we have always believed we should provide our residents with more than just somewhere to live.   

Our residents are all different, with different needs and aspirations, and we have always felt we can do much more to support them throughout their tenancy with us. That’s why the Accent Vision is ‘With you For Your Journey.’

But that journey has been different lately. The Coronavirus has forced us all to restrict our daily lives and do without the things we take for granted. We can see there won’t just be the shattering loss to life, which is unthinkable enough, but also an economic crisis which our country will take time to recover from.  

For some, that crisis is not just about going without, but actually having enough to live.  

That is why we are asking housing associations across the country to join with us as we lead a new campaign to raise £1million for foodbank charity the Trussell Trust.

The Trussell Trust, which was founded in 1997, supports the UK’s largest network of food banks. The Trust manages over 1,200 centres, and 28,000 volunteers, from the far south of Cornwall to the heights of Shetland.  

The Trust also challenges the issues that lock people in poverty and is an active campaigner for change and ending hunger in the UK.

Sadly, the Trust is reporting a huge surge in demand on foodbanks – up by almost 80%. In fact, three million people have experienced hunger as a direct result of the Covid-19 crisis.

Many of our residents are already using the Trust’s services – and many more may need to use them.

Together, housing associations across the country provide homes and services for six million residents. By ourselves, we all work to support our local communities, but together, we have the chance to make a huge difference where it is needed most.

Our campaign is backed by the National Housing Federation, the Chartered Institute of Housing and the Northern Housing Consortium. With it, we can now stand alongside the retail giants, national organisations and the associations who have already pledged their support, to make sure the Trust has the funds and resources it needs to support people in poverty.

We are proud and privileged to be leading this campaign and we appreciate your support and understanding into why it is so important for our residents and their communities.

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Thank you.

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