Customer Champions

Collaborating with our customers to improve our services here at Accent is fundamental to providing high-quality services and places where customers can feel ‘good to be home’.

That's why we are excited to share the launch of our new ‘Customer Champions’ to help drive improvements to our services.

Meet our new Customer Champions.

Our new Champions are long-standing Accent customers who are already members of our Customer Experience Committee and have responsibility for reviewing how we perform across all our housing and customer-facing services.

What will the Champions be doing?

Our Champions will work with us to help drive improvements in areas where customers have said we need to do better. In our 2023 Tenant Satisfaction Measures survey, customers expressed dissatisfaction with the way we manage anti-social behaviour, how we deal with complaints, and how we provide estate services, such as cleaning of communal areas and grounds maintenance.

The Champions will review customer feedback in these three key area, assess and scrutinise our performance and, most importantly, drive opportunities for change to improve services for customers, based on your feedback. The Champions have started their new roles and will be reporting on their progress over the coming weeks and months.

Why do we need Customer Champions? 

We've introduced our new Champions because it’s important that customers genuinely have a voice at the highest level at Accent.

The Champions will help to make sure that customers' voices are not only heard, but are integral to shaping and improving service delivery and our decision-making processes.

Ultimately, we want our Champions to help make things better for our customers by helping us to think about things a bit differently and through a different lens, so we can improve how we do things, and be better for our customers.

We'll share regular updates about the work of our Champions on our website in the future but, for now, please take a few moments to get to know them a little better here.

Complaints Champion: Stacy Hartley.

Anti-Social Behaviour Champion: Jackie Best.

Estate Services Champion: Helen Hutchinson

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