Is Middlesbrough a Safe Place to Live?

Middlesbrough has had a bad press in recent years, but this North Yorkshire town, on the southern banks of the River Tees, is seeing a bit of a renaissance, and with an investment package of around £500 million contributing to the creation of 1000’s of jobs and new homes, Middlesbrough is very much on the up.

And with a Neighbourhood Safety Team fully committed to working with their partners and local community groups to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, Middlesbrough is a safe place to live.

In fact, in a recent poll, Middlesbrough received over a quarter of the votes when residents of Teesside were asked which the best area was to live.

So, what does Middlesbrough have to offer its residents and how are council leaders and the neighbourhood teams making this a safe and happy place to live?

Read on to find out!

Teesside University

Continuing on the theme of investment, Teesside University has recently invested over £275 million in the campus which sits in the heart of this ‘friendly town’.

And with a commitment to ‘improving futures’, this award-winning institution has joined a nationwide campaign collaborating with ITN productions to produce a series of online programmes, highlighting the benefits of higher education.

Furthermore, the North East Policy think tank PACE, headed up by Professor of Criminology at Teesside University, Professor Marty Chamberlain, produced a ‘special report’ which indicated 60% of people in the area feel that the police are doing a ‘good job’.

So, when it comes to the safety of people in the Teesside region, the University is very much central to the continuing improvements that are being made.

Northern Skills Group

Not be to be overshadowed, Middlesbrough College have invested over £100 million in their campus at Middlehaven, and over £20 million in the teaching of STEM subjects, (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), through their training program and the Northern Skills Group.

Together, they have delivered apprenticeships to over 2700 young people, creating positive change through improving the local economy and working with community partners to create training and jobs in the Middlesbrough region.

All of this investment in education and training is a clear indication that Middlesbrough is indeed going through extensive regeneration in lots of different ways making the town a safer place to be overall.

Commitment to Redevelopment of Unused Buildings

In addition to the investment and development of training and education in Teesside, there are big plans for the future of some of the most prominent, yet currently unused buildings in Middlesbrough.

In collaboration with local developers, Jomast, Middlesbrough Council are set to explore development opportunities in four key areas of the town, including Church House, Gurney House and Buxton Street Car Park, the former Barclays Bank Building on Albert Road, and land at Bridge Street East near Middlesbrough College.

The redevelopment and regeneration of these significant areas will not only bring jobs and economic growth to the region but will contribute to the fact that Middlesbrough is indeed, a safe place to live. 

Accent Housing in Middlesbrough

Here at Accent Housing, we are especially fond of Middlesbrough.

And we believe the town is not only a safe place to live but has a wide variety of affordable properties to choose from, including independent living schemes for the over 55's in Middlesbrough.

Whether you are a couple looking for a starter home, or you are nearing retirement and looking for something a little more manageable if your children have all flown the nest, Accent Housing can provide the right housing solution to meet your needs.

And because we take your safety as one of our utmost priorities we have lots of ways of ensuring you are particularly safe in your home if you live in one of our properties in Middlesbrough.

We work closely with our National Scrutiny Group to ensure tenants and homeowners are getting the best customer experience and that safety is always on the agenda.

This can be safety in the area you live, or safety in the home, including Fire Safety Advice or registering appliances to improve home safety.

Contact Us

So, if you live in one our properties in Middlesbrough you can talk to us knowing we take your safety particularly seriously and that we believe Middlesbrough is a safe place to live.

And if you want to contact us here  or call us on 0345 678 0555 about anything regarding being safe in Middlesbrough, one of our expert and friendly team will be available to deal with your call.

We know Middlesbrough is definitely a town that is on the up and is a safe place to live, and when you have rent that is available, we hope you will too!

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