Is Middlesbrough A Nice Place To Live?

Thinking about moving to Middlesbrough? Or are you just curious how your hometown checks out online? We think Middlesbrough is a nice place to live – see below for some of the best reasons to think about living in Middlesbrough.

5 Great Reasons To Call Middlesbrough Home

Middlesbrough was like a lot of other post-industrial towns with a loss of industry driving unemployment and contributing to poverty. Once a town gets a reputation like that it can be hard to shake but Middlesbrough is doing a rather good job we think.

The town's economy was once driven by shipbuilding and steel making but has now been replaced by other emerging sectors, including digital. Despite the decline in traditional heavier industries, the town is still a key location for some large manufacturers.

Most importantly though, the town has benefited from massive investments and regeneration schemes. Most of which has benefited the local economy and population.

Most people living in Middlesbrough will tell you how much they love their hometown and some of the reason you might want to choose a home there.

Here are five of those reasons.

Affordable Housing In Middlesbrough

One of the key reasons people flock to Middlesbrough is the temptation of lower property prices. Even if you’re not in the market to buy a property just yet, Middlesbrough has a good level of social housing and reputable social landlords.

No matter your age, whether you are a family, young couple, or single, you can be sure to find an affordable housing option if you want to live in Middlesbrough. Some great areas to live in the town include South Bank and Pallister Park. From one-bedroom flats to three-bed family homes, the town has a good variety of housing types.

Long Term Town Regeneration & Investment

The reason we mentioned the reputation of Middlesbrough is people just aren’t aware of the regeneration work happening in the town or what has already been done.

Over halfway through a 20-year regeneration scheme, over £25 million has already been spent which is a considerable amount of money in relation to the size of the town. The results? Fantastic education facilities, shopping, and leisure venues, lots of public parks, and museums.

Countryside Life

Yes really! Middlesbrough may be a bustling town, but it is ideally situated right next to some of the UK's most stunning scenery.

For day-trippers looking to escape to the country for the day, the North York Moors are right next door, as is the Cleveland Way and one of the North East's famous landmarks - Roseberry Topping. Many people enjoy the juxtaposition of living in a busy town but having beautiful scenery right on the doorstep.

Culture & Entertainment

As mentioned, Middlesbrough has seen significant investment into culture and entertainment – especially around the high street areas.

There is restaurant galore, bars, and clubs. For quieter leisure time there are galleries, museums, and parks, you certainly won’t be bored living in Middlesbrough. One unavoidable aspect of Middlesbrough culture is the famous football club – the Riverside Stadium has been home to the local team since 1995.  

Interesting History

Considered the ‘capital’ of Teesside, Middlesbrough has a rich and interesting history – there is just a certain something about the town, the pride people take in living there and of course, the contribution the town has made to certain industries such as steel. Did you know that the steel components of the Sydney Harbour Bridge were made in Middlesbrough?

The rapid growth of the town over the last century, change of fortunes and current regeneration make it a changing and exciting place to live.

Your Middlesbrough Home

If you like the sound of Middlesbrough and are thinking of making the move, Accent Housing have a range of properties across the town and new ones are always becoming available. Use the search function below to see our latest properties.

We offer a sheltered accommodation, also known as independent living schemes in Middlesbrough, which are ideal for residents aged 55+.

Accent Housing is a housing association that has been providing homes and services for a diverse range of people since 1966.

Accent Housing has more than 20,000 homes across England, spread over the North, East and South. This includes a variety of houses available in Middlesbrough. They aim to provide high-quality, affordable homes that will improve the lives of their residents.

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