Is Camberley A Safe Place To Live?

Camberley in Surrey is popular with families and London commuters. Partly popular because it is in the London commuter belt, and partly because Camberley is a safe place to live with plenty to see and do.

Statistically, Surrey is the safest place to live in the South East, with fewer crimes reported in the year ending September 2020 than any other region in the South East.

The South East had 691,436 crimes reported, which broke down as follows:

  • Hampshire had 152,756 crimes
  • Kent had 178,192 crimes
  • Surrey had 73,540 crimes
  • Sussex had 119,900 crimes
  • Thames Valley had 167,048 crimes

How Safe Is Camberley Compared To The Rest Of The Country?

Compared to other parts of the UK, Camberley is a safe place to live.

In Cheshire, for example, there were 91,588 crimes in the same time frame.

In Devon and Cornwall, there were  95,136 crimes.

This is far below the amount of crime in Surrey.

Compare this with densely populated areas such as Manchester (278,276 crimes), West Yorkshire ( 268,941 crimes) and the West Midlands (254,357) and Surrey, in general, is safer by far.

If you are looking for a place to live with a low crime rate, Camberley should be on your list.

Camberley Is One Of The Safest Neighbourhoods

Not only is Camberley in a safe locale, but the surrounding neighbourhoods are safe, too.

In January 2021, the crime rate in Camberley was 5.89. Nearby Farnborough North has a crime rate of 5.21 and The Six Villages has a crime rate of 5.07. This is all well below the overall crime rate for England and Wales in 2019/2020, which was was 102.8.

This paints a picture of Camberley and the surrounding neighbourhoods being safe places to live.  

 What Is There To Do In Camberley?

Camberley has some really great attractions.

The Square, which had an £8 million refreshment in 2019, has shops, grocers, confectioners, hairdressers, fashion and loads more.

The Atrium has great places to eat and play for all the family. Soft play, a Vue cinema, and top restaurants, such as Bella Italia, make this a great place to while away a Saturday.

Young families have plenty to do in Camberley. There is a variety of soft play centres and museums to keeps the most active kids happy.

Is Camberley A Nice Place To Live?

Camberley is on the up and up and the commuter belt expands.

There is a lot of investment in the area, with the council due to upgrade the high street and Kier Properties planning on a large scale, multi-million-pound mixed scheme with shops, homes, and open recreation spaces.

In 2018, Surrey Health Council began a regeneration scheme. London Road is to become a place to live and enjoy leisure time.

The Highstreet is home to many independent shops, celebrating the heritage of nearby Sandhurst and the culture of the local area. There is already a wide range of independent shops and restaurants in Camberley, from brewery pubs, bakers, and crafts to quaint little cafes.

The homes that are available in Camberley range from mega-mansions behind gates to comfortable studio flats.  

Can We Help?

Accent Housing is a housing association that provides affordable, secure, and comfortable homes for all sorts of people around England.

Demand for rented housing is high in Camberley, so the council have some criteria for anyone looking for social housing. You can find out if you are eligible and browse their choice based lettings here.  

Because rented accommodation in Camberley is so scarce, a great option is to buy an affordable home through us. Have a look at our Homemade Homes section. These gorgeous new build homes are available through Shared Ownership and start at £67,500.

We work hard to make sure our tenants and homeowners are secure in their homes, their homes are kept in a safe, comfortable condition, and our communities are nice places to live.


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