Is Bradford A Nice Place To Live?

What is it like living in Bradford? Are you thinking about moving to the city and wondering where the best or more affordable places are located? Or perhaps you’re curious about this interesting and diverse city.

Read on for our summary of Bradford.

Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Straight away, let’s address the reputation Bradford has. Bradford has a bit of a branding issue and has for some reason become unfairly known as a ‘bad’ place to live. Often these allegations are quite untrue, and the city’s reputation is worse than the reality.

What constitutes good and bad? Every place in the UK has its issues and Bradford is no exception. There is good and bad everywhere, it’s how you take it in your stride that matters.

Most of the people living in Bradford would happily agree that for the most, Bradford is a great place to live thanks to its location, diverse culture, famous food, and of course, the super-affordable housing options.

The History Of Bradford

The third biggest city in Yorkshire, Bradford lies in the eastern foothills of the Pennines and is located between the major cities of Leeds and Manchester.

Like many other northern towns and cities, Bradford rose to international attention as a centre of the textiles industry, being particularly well regarded for wool products. This resulted in Bradford becoming known as the ‘wool capital of the world’ or ‘wool city’.

However, Bradford didn’t escape the mid-20th century deindustrialisation associated with many other northern cities and suffered from a rise in unemployment and poverty. However, the city has seen massive investment and today has a significantly important economy within the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Bradford’s industry made it an attractive location for many immigrants in the 20th century, with the 1950’s seeing many people coming from Bangladesh and Pakistan. This has made Bradford a cultural melting pot with one in 1 in 4 residents describing themselves as Asian/Asian British ethnic origin, compared to under 1 in 10 people on average in the rest of England.

The diversity of the people in Bradford have gained the city a reputation for excellent international food restaurants and takeaways. It is often referred to as the ‘curry capital’ of the UK (which sounds more appealing than the ‘wool capital’!).

The Location Of Bradford

As Bradford is located right between Leeds and Manchester, it is seen as an attractive option for commuters. Either of the large cities is only 30 minutes away so are easy to reach for work, yet Bradford comes without the hustle and bustle of ‘big city life’ and is much more affordable.

For leisure time there is plenty to do in Bradford – some of the bigger attractions in the city attract people from all over the north such as the National Science and Media Museum, Bradford City Park, the Alhambra theatre and Cartwright Hall.

There is plenty of history, architecture, and shopping to be enjoyed in Bradford too, making the city the perfect place for a day out with friends or family.

The city also has easy access to green space – despite being known as an industrial town. Lister Park and Peel Park are both lovely places to visit and for those wanting to embrace some of Yorkshires best moorland, the famous Ilkley Moors are just 30 minutes away.

Living In Bradford

For both individuals and families thinking of moving to Bradford, there are attractive reasons to move to the city.

At the top of the list is the attractive and affordable housing options. For both buyers and renters, there are good options to be found. With house prices starting from £50,000, Bradford is attractive to many first-time buyers, especially those commuting to Leeds for work.

Accent Housing Homes In Bradford

Accent Housing has a range of affordable homes available in Bradford, including sheltered accommodation and independent living schemes for people aged 55+.

Search our latest available homes for rent in Bradford…

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