Help with the Cost of Living

Things may seem a struggle at the moment with the cost of living, and it can be hard to know what to do or where to go for help, but help is available.

Our leaflet, Winter Ready, is packed full of advice and information on utilities, grants, benefits, social tariffs, registering for priority services and foodbanks. It's not just for winter either, many organisations offer help and support all year round.

It's contains a lot so, if you would like a copy to keep and refer to, please speak with our housing hub, or your housing partner or scheme manager and we will be happy to send one to you.

You can also visit our supporting you page to see how we, or the agencies we work with, may be able to help to get you through difficult times.

The Martin Lewis website - Money Saving Expert - also offers lots of advice and information on energy and finances, but also insurance, the best deals and much more. 

Your own utility company will also be able to provide details of any discounts or grants which might be available to you. 

If you have Alexa in your home, you can now receive the latest government advice on using less energy for the remainder of the winter and in the long-term. Phrases which will prompt Alexa include “Alexa, give me some energy saving tips” and “Alexa, give me tips to conserve energy.” 

It’s about small, simple things you can do to keep your bills down, they can all make a difference.

Please speak with us if you are worried about how to manage your money, we can help.


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