Flats To Rent In Camberley

In this blog, we outline why Camberley is a great place to live and explain the ins and outs of renting an affordable flat from a housing association in Camberley.

Living In Camberley

In 2020, the prestigious Home & Property Magazine described Camberley as one of the best places to live. The property experts praised the town’s wide range of amenities and green spaces, as well as its affordability.

 The South of England is well known for its notoriously high property and renting prices, but in Camberley, you get plenty of value for money.

The Victorian town is the main town in Surrey Heath and has benefited from various investments and improvements in recent years. It boasts a wide range of shops and businesses, many of which are independent. Plus, the entertainment and leisure facilities are second to none. 

Camberley Theatre offers year-round entertainment including music, comedy and arts. Camberley Heath Golf Club is ranked as the 61st best course in England and The Atrium offers a cinema, bowling, restaurants and bars.

Aside from The Atrium, Camberley offers a wide selection of food and drink venues, as well as entertainment spots. And there is always something going on in this impressive town, including an annual car show, open-air cinema, Christmas ice rink and monthly artisan markets.

For outdoor lovers, Camberley is surrounded by plenty of greenery. Locals enjoy walking, rambling and cycling in the beauty spots surrounding the town. This includes Goldsworth Park Lake and Rowhill Nature Reserve.

Accent Housing In Camberley

Back in 2006, Accent Housing (that’s us!) merged with Peerless Housing Group. This allowed us to acquire a large range of homes in the Camberley area that were previously transferred from the Surrey Heath Council to the Peerless Housing Group as part of a Large Scale Voluntary Transfer.

This enabled Accent Housing to provide quality, affordable housing to a range of people in the Camberley area. However, because Camberley is such a great place to live, the demand for homes in Camberley always drastically outweighs the number of homes available.

There are usually long waiting lists for homes in Camberley – and tenants are given a home based on their priority level.

Am I Eligible For A Flat In Camberley?

To be considered for a housing association home in Camberley or the Surrey Heath area, you must first qualify to join the Housing Register. Here are just some of the criteria’s that need to be met for someone to be deemed eligible:

  • must be at 18 years of age
  • must not be subject to immigration control
  • must have a specified connection to Surrey Heath through residence of 3 out of 5 years in accommodation of choice
  • OR have been in settled employment of at least 16 hours per week based in the Surrey Heath Borough that has been continuous for 12 months
  • OR have a close family member (father, mother, brother, sister or adult child) who already lives in the Borough and there’s an evidenced need to move to the Borough to provide or receive care
  • should not have sufficient financial resources to purchase or privately rent a suitable
  • property
  • must not already be a property owner
  • must not have deliberately worsened their circumstances with the intention of securing social housing
  • must not have housing-related debts or be guilty of anti-social or illegal behaviour

Additional criteria must also be met. There is also a series of exemptions that may apply. If you are eligible to join the housing register, you will then be categorised based on your circumstances and priority level.

For example, a homeless individual or someone who is currently living in unsatisfactory housing conditions will be allocated a flat in Camberley sooner than someone who is in suitable accommodation but needs to move for additional support.

Accent Housing also has sheltered housing (aka independent living schemes) in Camberley, which are flats ideal for residents aged 55+. View our independent living schemes in Camberley here.

Thinking Of Moving To Camberley?

As you can see, if you are hoping to relocate to the Camberley area, it might not be possible to qualify to be able to rent one of our homes. However, Accent Housing may still be able to help.

If you're thinking about owning your home, but are struggling to get onto the property ladder we can help! Shared Ownership homes will soon be available in the Addlestone area. Get in touch with Homemade, our dedicated property sales team or explore the properties available for shared ownership here.

Get In Touch

Accent Housing is a housing association that has been providing homes for a diverse range of people since 1966.

We have more than 20,000 homes across England, spread over the North, East and South. Our range of affordable homes available, includes houses, apartments, flats and bungalows, plus sheltered housing (independent living accommodation) for the over 55's.

We aim to provide high-quality, affordable homes that will improve the lives of their residents. If you require affordable accommodation in Camberley and would like some guidance, please get in touch.

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