No Wipes in your Pipes!

Wipes Are Causing Blockages

In Yorkshire Water sewers alone, almost half of all blockages are caused by things that should not go down plugholes or toilets!

One of the worst offenders are wipes. These seemingly innocent little things can cause no end of problems and they are certainly NOT flushable no matter what the makers say.

Fat is also a problem, when it cools it can go solid and then it will never shift, so it's best to scrape it out of your pans etc, bag it and safely put it in the bin.

Cotton buds and sanitary products are also a no-no - they too need to be bagged and binned.

The water authorities offer lots of great advice and sometimes little freebies to help you avoid unwanted things disappearing down the drain. - Yorkshire Water  - North West – North East - East - South

It's worth understanding that if we are called out to a blockage in your pipes which you could have avoided, we may recharge you.

When it comes to your pipes, don't let anything get in, use the bin!

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