Customer Service Committee - New Paid Member Required

We are looking for an Accent resident to join our customer experience committee (CEC).

The CEC is one of a number of committees who support our board to review performance and make recommendations on key areas.

The committee meet at least four times each year, alternating between in-person and virtual meetings, and join our board and other committees twice each year to discuss and review our strategy.

The salary for this role is £4,500 per year, plus expenses for travelling to meetings.

Helen is an Accent resident in Peterborough, she joined our customer experience committee in April 2022: “I was a bit nervous when I first started, but I was made to feel so welcome by the rest of the committee. They took the time to make sure I understood things, like all the acronyms, so I could get stuck in and feel comfortable putting across my opinions.” 

“One of the things that really surprised me was how much Accent involve customers and the influence we can have. We are listened to, get to have our say on decisions and comment on the impact these will have on residents or what the experience is actually like as a customer.”

“There’s no feeling of them and us, everyone is treated as an equal regardless of whether you’re a resident or a director. I love the feeling of giving back and it fits in around my full-time job.”

If you are interested, find out more and complete our application form telling us what you believe you can bring to the role. The shortlisted applicants will be interviewed by the committee Chair and one of our existing resident members. The interview is expected to take place during week commencing 21 November 2022 and will be held virtually on Microsoft Teams.

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