Committed to Tackle Anti-social Behaviour

It's important to us that you feel safe and comfortable in your home and community. 

We have a firm, no tolerance policy for anti-social behaviour and hate crime and we take reports very seriously. We work closely in partnership with police forces, local authorities, mediation services and other organisations, to keep our communities happy and safe. Anti-social behaviour includes things like noise nuisance, fly-tipping, aggressive behaviour, arson and criminal behaviour.

You can find more information about the types of anti-social behaviour and guidance on what to do if you are affected by any of these here.

If you need to report anti-social behaviour to us, you can by calling our housing hub or via our online form. We will ask you to provide a diary log of the behaviours or activity you are worried about, including the time, date and location of any incident(s). Your records of incidences are very important to us as they help us to decide the best course of action to take. In some cases where anti-social behaviour is severe, these records can be used as evidence if we need to take legal action against alleged perpetrators of anti-social behaviour. 

Did you know that noise is the most common report of anti-social behaviour we investigate? The Noise App can help to record evidence of this. 

Did you also know that many reports of anti-social behaviour can be resolved simply with mediation? It's part of our commitment to you to make sure our staff are trained and equipped to deal with reports of anti-social behaviour. This commitment includes treating all reports fairly and in line with our policies, working closely with statutory and voluntary partners to provide advice and support to victims of anti-social behaviour, and responding at an appropriate level of urgency to reports. When an anti-social behaviour incident is reported to us, we carry out thorough investigations and support our customers to provide evidence. We will then respond appropriately based on this investigation, for instance, by providing more information and guidance for customers in the community or seeking the help of other partners.

Cracking Down on Crime Case Study 

In Surrey, a customer was causing serious anti-social behaviour. It included noise nuisance, drug and alcohol related nuisance, (both inside and outside the scheme where the customer lived), and threatening violent behaviour towards other customers. Neighbouring customers, some who had small children, were terrified of the situation. We issued an eviction notice for this unacceptable behaviour under the rules of the starter tenancy agreement the customer had with us.   

After going to court, we were granted possession, which means the tenant is no longer able to stay in the property. This was a serious case, due to the level and nature of the behaviour, and we worked hard to get the right outcome so our customers and the community could feel safe in their homes once again.  

National Anti-Social Behaviour Week

Addressing anti-social behaviour is a national priority. Research commissioned by RESOLVE has shown that almost 1 in 7 people have had to consider moving home because of the impact anti-social behaviour had on them. That is not acceptable.

RESOLVE is a group of agencies and organisations, which include other housing associations, the police and local councils, who have come together to tackle anti-social behaviour and to make sure it is treated as a national, high-level priority.

The RESOLVE mission is to help organisations effectively deal with community safety and anti-social behaviour issues through training, support, guidance and sharing best practice.

2023 marks Resolve’s 28th year in business and we've been supporting the campaign for many years.

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