Weather Update – Please Check Your Heating and Outdoor Pipes

Although spring is just around the corner, the weather seems to be catching us out at the moment with snow one minute then milder conditions the next.   

While things keep changing, please keep checking that your heating is working properly and remember to take care to protect your outside pipes - they can easily freeze in the temperatures we are seeing in some parts of the country overnight. If you are going away for a few days, it's best to turn your water supply off at the mains and drain down to stop and pipes that do freeze from bursting. 

Our ‘how to’ repairs videos can help you resolve simple problems yourself, such as re-pressuring your boiler and bleeding a radiator. If your boiler is showing an error code, please check your boiler's manual as you can also resolve many of these yourself. 

If you have an emergency, please bear with us, it’s likely you won’t be alone. Many customers will be affected by the changing weather, and we will probably be dealing with more calls than usual. We are here and we will get to you, but the waiting times to get through to us may be longer.  

For weather warnings and forecasts, follow your local weather updates and keep an eye on the Met Office website, as they publish warnings for across the UK whether cold, rain or floods. 

Stay warm and safe and get in touch if you have an emergency.

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