New Corporate Strategy 2021 - 2024

Accent Housing Corporate Strategy

Our new corporate strategy for the next three years has just launched. But what does it mean for you?

Your Homes
First and foremost, it means that we are absolutely committed to providing you with a safe, secure and affordable home in a thriving community.

Everyone has the right to a place to call home but, sadly, that’s not a reality everyone has. We want to make sure we are doing all we can to change that. Our new corporate strategy talks about our plans to build at least 1,500 affordable rented and low-cost home ownership homes by 2024, and we will look at every opportunity to build even more, so we can help more people in need.  

However, it’s not just about us building new homes. We will invest in the homes we already have to make sure they offer you the highest living standards. We are committed to becoming carbon neutral in our homes, and that means us making the most of new technology, and fixtures and fittings, which bring more benefits to you, your family and your environment. Your home with Accent will be safer, more secure and use less energy. It will be your home for life, in every way you need it to be.  

Our Services
Just over a year ago, all our teams began working from home. It was a new idea for many colleagues, but it never affected our ability to provide your services. In fact, it has helped us understand how they could change for the better in future. As we remain at home for now, we will continue to improve the services we offer you online, and help you make the most of them, but we will also make sure we find new ways of talking and engaging with you through our contact centre. We will always be here in person when you need us.

This year, we are making it our absolute priority to improve our repairs and maintenance service. We know the service hasn't been delivered at the quality you have a right to expect, so it is now under a major review. Some residents will work with us on this, helping to make sure your views are taken into account by influencing any decisions we make. Once the service improves, we will continue to make sure it stays that way by asking you to get involved with monitoring how our contractors are performing. It is going to be a big year for our repairs service – and for making sure we get it right.    

Helping us to Help you
By listening to and acting on what you tell us about our services, we can make sure they are fit for whatever comes our way in the future. We will use the information we hold about you to support you, your family and your community, and to meet the government’s plans for more digital services, cutting carbon emissions and lowering our digital footprint. We will work with our partners in the community and the government to tackle food poverty, unemployment and anti-social behaviour to help you have a long and happy journey in your home with Accent. One such example might be asking you to help us test new technology which can predict when repairs might be needed before they actually are, or help us influence new contracts for maintenance and servicing. This will help us to make sure we have the best contractors, who do the job well and carry out the work with your needs in mind.  

Things may have certainly changed since we launched our last corporate strategy in 2018, but our commitment to you hasn't, it is to provide you with the quality of homes and services that you have the right to expect. Our new corporate strategy has three main priorities - to build Quality Homes and Sustainable Communitiesto provide a Personal Customer Experience and to provide an Inspirational Workplace to make sure our colleagues are equipped and supported to provide you with the services you need.

To see what we mean by these and how they will improve services for you in more detail, our new corporate strategy is available to view and download below.


Building Better Futures

The Accent Corporate Strategy 2021-24, outlines our new 3-year priorities:

• Quality homes, sustainable communities
• Personal customer experience
• Inspirational workplace

Our Corporate Strategy 2021-24

Corporate Strategy 2021-24

We have three key priorities for the future of our homes, our services and our organisation. Successfully delivering our objectives will ensure that we meet the aspirations of our vision by enabling our customers to build better futures.

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