Accent and PA Housing discuss potential partnership

Today we have announced that we are in early discussions with PA Housing about the potential of joining together to create a new values-driven housing provider that could make a dramatic positive difference in the communities we work.

Chief Executive Paul Dolan said: “We’re exploring the possibility of bringing together two already strong organisations to see how our joint expertise could advance and accelerate the delivery of our strategic objectives and our collective ambition for customers and communities.”

While discussions continue, both organisations will focus on delivering existing commitments to customers on investment, service improvements and new homes.

A final decision on the proposed partnership will be made by the boards of both organisations in the coming months. This will follow an intensive period of consultation with customers.

Please keep an eye out for further information on how you can get involved and ensure you have your say.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared some frequently asked questions below which we hope you will find useful. We will be in touch shortly with more information regarding next steps. In the meantime, any questions not covered below can be emailed to

We aim to issue updates to these questions each week with responses to issues or themes that have been raised in your questions. Any questions submitted will be anonymised.

Why are these discussions taking place?

The appetite for partnerships such as this has always been part of our ambition, and is reflected in our current corporate strategy. We believe by combining our expertise and resource, we could work with partners to do even more and at a faster pace. We could not only deliver sector-leading customer service, delivering well on what matters most to customers, but create opportunities to make a lasting difference to society by helping to address the wide range of challenges facing our communities.

Will any new organisation improve the service we receive?

We are still discussing whether it makes sense to work in partnership. One of the main reasons for working together would be that both us and PA Housing want to improve and advance services more quickly. We see a chance to pool our expertise to do even more to make a dramatic, positive difference in our communities.

How can I have my say on the plans?

We will be discussing the potential partnership with customers in the coming weeks. Your views are really important to us and will help us decide whether and how to proceed. We will be in touch shortly with more details so please watch out for updates. In the meantime, if you have questions that are not covered here, please let us know by emailing

Who are PA Housing?

PA Housing is a not-for-profit housing association, the same as us. It owns and manages 23,200 homes in London, Surrey and the Midlands. For more information on

Why choose PA Housing for partnership discussions?

We believe we already have a huge range of things in common. We are committed to improving services faster, we want to make a dramatic, positive difference in our communities and we want customers to be at the centre of everything we do. We believe the opportunity exists for us to create an organisation whose combined strengths can do even more for you.

When will you decide to proceed or not?

We hope to make a decision by the autumn. We are working up customer consultation plans now. Your views are really important to us and will help us decide whether and how to proceed. We will be in touch shortly with more details so please watch out for updates.

You have made a range of promises in your corporate plan – will you stick to these?

Yes. Although we are discussing a possible partnership with PA Housing, our promise to you is that we will remain focused on delivering our objectives. These include important progress on investment in your homes and service improvements.

How will services change if the partnership proceeds?

If we do decide to create a new organisation together, improving customer services more quickly will be at the heart of everything we do. We would want accelerate the pace of investment and service improvement.

What will this mean for my rents – will they increase?

Whether these discussions result in a new organisation or not, your rent will continue to be decided each year in line with government guidance. At present rent increases are capped for us and all other housing associations at inflation (Consumer Prices Index) plus 1% each year.

What does this mean for reporting repairs?

There will be no change. Please continue to report repairs using the usual process.

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