Diversity and Inclusion is much more than a nice to have or tick box exercise here at Accent.

Having a culture built upon valuing and respecting our differences is part of the core fabric of our organisation. From serving our customers individual needs, to helping each other learn and understand about different life experiences – we are building an organisation that focuses on respect, opportunity, support, and with a sense of belonging.

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Introducing our Publicly Visible Commitments

Archana Makol, Accent Group Board Member introduces our four Publicly Visible Commitments (PVC). The PVCs illustrate how we are taking a stand and holding ourselves accountable on the work we do around Diversity and Inclusion.

How we plan to do this…

Over the next three years, through our four Publicly Visible Commitments (PVC) we are taking a stand and holding ourselves accountable on the work we do around Diversity and Inclusion.

Our Publicly Visible Commitments (PVC)

PVC: One

We commit to addressing any Pay Gaps that might be present between diversity characteristics through meaningful data collection and subsequent actions.

We will do this by…

  • Increasing and utilising our demographic data to ensure we create and grow diverse and inclusive teams across the organisation. With this, educating on the use of demographic data and why this helps drive our actions. ​​
  • Providing direct actions to address the gaps brought to light with timescales for increased accountability. ​​
  • We will work with the wider sector and share best practices to ensure we are doing all we can to eliminate pay gaps.



PVC: Two

We commit to building a more representative board, leadership and organisation, reflecting the diverse makeup of the areas in which we operate.

We will do this by…

  • Implementing a Rooney Rule standard throughout our hiring practices; which ensures that diverse slates are presented throughout the recruitment process where possible. ​
  • We will broaden where and how we advertise positions, and ensure each job description is fully inclusive in specifications and requirements. ​
  • Implementing hiring manager training to help educate and overcome any biases or barriers, and to aid with progression and development pathways for all employees.

PVC: Three

We commit to being open and transparent in all we do – we acknowledge that having more diverse voices will help us be stronger together.

We will do this by…

  • By having a diversity and inclusion lens on all we do (from policies and procedures to new initiatives and ideas), we can create a culture built upon a sense of belonging.​
  • Senior leaders will provide updates internally and externally on our progress with these commitments and taking a pro-active role in championing our cultural evolution.
  • Provide spaces for our customers and employees to have their voice heard to help shape the culture of our organisation, and the homes and services we provide.

PVC: Four

We commit to challenging each other to continue our growth and understanding, to create an environment in which everyone can thrive.

We will do this by…

  • Continue to provide learning opportunities for all our colleagues and build time into each employee’s calendar to enable our focus on continuing our own education.
  • Allow space to grow and cultivate a culture of curiosity; an environment where people can ask difficult questions and discuss difficult topics, stemmed from a place of wanting to do and be better for each other and our customers.
  • Continue to take a zero tolerance approach to hate crime and hate incidents for both our employees and our customers.
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