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Support to Start Over in a New Home

Newhome*Romesh had been a resident with us for a few years until circumstances at home led to him being placed in temporary accommodation, with his 11-year-old daughter, as an escape from domestic violence.

After a lengthy investigation with the Police and Social Services, Romesh was awarded full time parental responsibility for his daughter. This process had been stressful and overwhelming for him and he knew his daughter needed his full attention to settle into her new surroundings. He took the decision to give up work so he could be around for her at this difficult time.  

At the start of his new tenancy, we referred Romesh to Tenancy Sustainability Officer, Helena O’Neill. As Romesh had always worked and hadn’t managed his own tenancy before, we were aware that he would need support. As he was setting up home from scratch, Helena helped him to set up his utilities and source white goods and had a chat with him about his means of income. Having never claimed benefits before he was unaware of what he would be entitled to. In the short term Helena obtained food vouchers and talked him through the necessary application process for a Universal Credit claim. Romesh wasn’t confident with reading and writing, so he relied on this guidance from Helena.

Once his Universal Credit payments had started to come in, Romesh found himself struggling to cope with the lump sum payment he received for the month. So Helena provided help with budgeting and money management and - with his agreement - setup a Direct Debit for his rent payment to be made every 4 weeks.

This level of personal support has given Romesh the opportunity to fully focus on his daughter and we are pleased that he is continuing to manage his tenancy well - a very positive result. 

*Name changed