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About Us

RossfileyWith you for Your Journey

We aim to be at the forefront of how housing is delivered in the 21st Century.

Since 1966, Accent has provided homes and services for a diverse range of customers. From those in acute housing need, to those taking their first step onto the housing ladder, and from those just wanting a solid base to bring up their family, to those needing homes and services that support them to age well and live independently for longer.

Our homes are safe, secure and affordable homes – a basic requirement for living a better life.

Our Vision

With you for your Journey

Our Mission

We are a housing association that works to improve people's lives.

Our Primary Themes

  • Affordable and Secure Homes
  • Service Choice and Innovation
  • Empowered and Talented People
  • Ambitious and Resilient Business


We look forward to working with our current and future customers and our strategic partners to ensure Accent is 'With you for your Journey.' 

Our values - enabling us to take PRIDE in everything we do

We are CARING - we are genuine people who CARE.

We are ENERGETIC - we strive for the BEST every time.

We are DRIVEN - we do whatever it takes to get it RIGHT.

We are SMART - we challenge ourselves to improve EVERY DAY.