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Longstanding resident receives new lease of life

LonstandingresidentJudith* was a longstanding Accent resident, having found her perfect 2-bed terraced property with us back in 1989.

In recent years Judith had been finding the steep stairs difficult and a couple of falls had led to her setting up a bedroom downstairs.

Now sleeping downstairs, Judith had begun to feel unsafe in her home as there was anti-social behaviour occurring on the street and she felt fearful that her house could be targeted. As a result, she had started to leave the house less and less and became depressed.

Earlier this year we contacted Judith to discuss her needs. She said she would like to move out of the property but on two conditions, she would only move to a bungalow and she wanted to stay with Accent. As bungalows come up infrequently, Judith was advised there could be a long wait for one to become available.

This summer we were delighted to tell Judith that a bungalow had become available for her. We arranged a viewing that week and she accepted it straight away. On the day of signing Judith had some trepidation because she had lived in her house for almost 30 years but she knew it was the right move for her. To help with the move we paid for a removal firm to transfer her things and ensure she was settled in her new home.

A fortnight after the move we called in on Judith and she answered the door with a beaming smile. She said that even though she had only moved half a mile down the road we had given her a new lease of life. A very satisfying result for everyone involved.

*Name changed to protect resident’s identity