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Support for an Anxious Resident

Housingdayarticle1A resident on Universal Credit found himself being continually sanctioned due to missed appointments because of ill-health.

As a result, the resident was placed in severe financial hardship and turned to Accent for help. His case was referred to a member of our Tenancy Sustainability team, who worked closely with him for a number of months. He was given food parcels to help with meals whilst the situation was addressed.

Suffering from severe anxiety, the resident was struggling to cope with phone calls and meetings. To support him, our Tenancy Sustainability Officer helped with paperwork and attended meetings with him.

It was decided that Universal Credit wasn’t right for him and that Employment Support Allowance (ESA) was more appropriate for his needs.

This change resulted in the resident being able to claim housing benefit and is now successfully clearing his arrears at a manageable rate every fortnight.