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Gas Safety Week 2017

GassafetyweekAs your landlord, Accent has to make sure any gas appliances we provide in your home are safe and in good working order, so it is very important they are safety checked and serviced each year. Not only does this help to keep them safe, it can help to stop them breaking down. 

By law, we must carry out a gas safety check on the appliances we provide in your home every 12 months.

Each of our rented homes should have a carbon monoxide detector installed. If you are a homeowner, you should consider installing  a carbon monoxide detector to protect your home and family. 

To raise awareness of the dangers of gas, and the importance of looking after appliances properly, we are supporters of Gas Safety Week. The campaign runs every year for a week in September. As your landlord, it is vitally important that we have access to your home to service and repair your appliances. If you own your own appliances, it is equally important that you arrange your own servicing. Regular servicing could save your life from the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Please read our gas safety leaflet to find out how you can help to keep safe and what to do if you have a gas emergency. 

You can also visit the Gas Safety Week website for more news, tips and information. 

WIN YOUR GAS BILL FOR A YEAR - all you need to do is visit the Gas Safety Website and follow the instructions. The Gas Safe Register is offering one lucky winner £850 to pay for their year's gas bill and a gas safety check or service of their household's gas appliances. (Please note that this is not an Accent competition). 

If you have any questions about gas safety, or you are worried an appliance might not be working properly, please contact us.

Be gas safe in your homes.