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Helping Residents to Hold onto Housing

HelpinghandAs a social landlord there is much more to what we do than the sale or letting of our properties. In today’s tough housing climate, it is vitally important to help new and existing residents to stay in their homes.

This area of our work is called Tenancy Sustainability and covers a wide range of support services that we are able to offer. This resident case study highlights just how a situation can be turned around with the right support in place.

A resident was unable to keep up to his agreement of rent, plus his Employment Support Allowance (ESA) had been suspended along with his housing benefit. This left only his Personal Independence Payments (PIP) as income, leaving him reliant on foodbanks, friends and relatives to manage day-to-day.

This placed his tenancy under imminent threat of legal action. When our Housing Officer became aware of his predicament, he immediately contacted one of our Accent Tenancy Sustainability Officers, who quickly arranged to reinstate his ESA claim

Staying on the case, our Tenancy Sustainability Officer was eventually able to achieve a backdated award for the resident’s Housing Benefit and ESA claims. This resulted in a payout of £6k of backdated benefits, which easily cleared his rent account and loans.

Thanks to the quick work of our team, the resident held onto his home and restored financial balance to continue to honour his rent agreement.

Please ask your Housing Officer for a referral if you require help with any of the following:

  • Debt management
  • Budgeting
  • Benefit claims
  • Home setup

Not sure of who your Housing Officer is? Get in touch by calling 0345 678 0555