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With our apprenticeship training programmes, we are committed to providing the best opportunities for young people.

Our programmes offer full time, one-year or two-year, work based training placements. Qualifications and experience can be gained, and skills can be learned, and our apprentices help us to provide our personal, modern and better service to our customers, whilst learning to understand the issues they face.

Our five apprentices have shared their thoughts on what life is like being an Apprentice at Accent...

Aqeel Main

Name: Mohammed Aqeel Abbas
Job Title: ICT Service Desk Apprentice
Duration: 1 year

I chose an ICT apprenticeship so I can strengthen my skills, and learn and develop new ones.

During my BTEC Level 3 extended diploma, I developed a number of skills including testing and installing computer software, and how to diagnose and fix issues. I also learned coding, programming language and how to build a website, and the maintenance that comes with these. I would like to use my apprenticeship with Accent to improve my skills and experience and succeed as ICT support technician.

I am currently studying for my City and Guilds Level 3 Diplomas in ICT Professional Competence and ICT Systems and Principles for IT Professionals. I am also studying employment rights and responsibilities. My tutors are really supportive and my manager is too, giving me the time I need to complete my studies. The topics are challenging but that is what I love about IT, it puts me in situations that make me want to push myself further and work extra hard to overcome obstacles.  

My work with Accent can range from fixing computers to building laptops and desktops, to being on the ‘help desk’. I am constantly learning new skills, methods and ways to do things – some I have not come across before. To achieve my career ambition to be an ICT support technician, I will work hard and, with the help of my team, apply elsewhere for another ‘help desk’ role. Once I have done that for a few years and really developed my knowledge and skills, I hope to work my way up to second line support and, eventually, reach my end goal.

I have a fabulous team and manager to support me and, in turn, I hope to prove myself as someone who does not give up when something goes wrong, or I can’t work out how to do something. I really enjoy working as an apprentice for Accent.

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Ellena Main

Ellena Bedford
Job Title: Legal Administration Apprentice
Duration: 1 year

I decided an apprenticeship was the best route for me rather than university as I am gaining more experience (and an income) from being on the job. I also wanted to do something I would enjoy and what would give me good experience.

I am currently studying for the Legal Secretaries Certificate and I’m also learning ICT. The course is great. I receive a qualification at the end and the opportunity to develop further. I need to work hard to achieve my ambition to be a solicitor.  

As I do distance learning, all my work is online except some exams. I like the independence this gives me, with the benefit of being able to contact my tutor and a support network if I need to.

I have already covered a number of legal duties. My business studies include producing personal statements and taking part in question and answer sessions to demonstrate my understanding and knowledge of the business units I have done. My work involves a range of tasks. Recently, I have been helping with the signing and sealing of documents, sending instructions to external solicitors, and locating and downloading documents and plans from Land Registry.  

My aim is to achieve the Legal Secretaries Certificate so I can move on to the Level 3 advanced apprenticeship in Legal Services and progress further. I also hope to achieve experience in the legal sector which will benefit me in the future.

The best thing about working for Accent is the people. They are kind and approachable which is good if you are new to the job. This is my first job since leaving school in 2015 and I’m really enjoying what I’m doing.

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Ayesha Main

Ayesha Mahmood
Job Title: Graphic Design Apprentice
Duration: 2 years

I decided an apprenticeship would be the best route for me as I wanted to gain practical experience and become part of a company that treated me like an adult. I also wanted to become financially independent and have the opportunity to learn, and gain extra qualifications.

I had already secured a scholarship with Bradford University, studying Graphics for Games. But, job opportunities for game designers are few in my area so I decided to stick with a more realistic career plan that would give me immediate results.

I am studying for a Level 3 Diploma in Creative and Digital Media. As I had no experience in using a Mac or the Adobe programs, I thought the course was going to be a long and hard journey, but I have been given ample opportunity to learn more about the software. Training videos were also set up for me so I could familiarise myself with the programs and quickly learn my way around them. Gaining knowledge about the software at work allowed me to translate and present my skills at college and confidently help others.  

At college I studied digital design outputted for advertisement, photography/ photographic practices and print production. I really enjoyed these. My tutor also visited me at Accent to ensure I was getting along okay and I understood the units I was required to complete.

My role involves designing documents, posters, leaflets and flyers. The team also manages the website and the intranet and we work with the business intelligence team to produce statistical reports. We also take staff and some event photographs.

There are always new and creative tasks to be completed which keeps the job exciting. By the end of this apprenticeship, I hope to have gained sufficient knowledge and experience to one day run my own design company that focuses solely on the production of design for web and print. Working at Accent is slowly but surely, teaching me to become a designer that can behave professionally and effectively meet the needs of her clients. 

The best thing about working for Accent is definitely the atmosphere. Everyone is polite and kind and the environment is relaxed which is conducive and productive. You always feel like an important part of the team, whose contribution is necessary.

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Aqeel Main

Georgia Thompson
Job Title: Customer Service Apprentice
Duration: 1 year

I decided to do an apprenticeship because University wasn’t really an option for me. I thought it would be best to do it now as I am still fresh from education and, whilst adding more qualifications to my CV, I could experience full time working conditions.

I am currently studying for the CIH level 2 Certificate in Housing Practice and the City and Guilds level 2 Certificate in Housing (NVQ). I’m finding it very interesting as I never knew anything about a housing association before. I am also studying Level 1 functional skills in ICT and level 2 functional skills in English.

My apprenticeship is within Accent’s new contact centre. I’m currently part of the repairs team. My works involves generating and sending out letters. My other duties include distributing the post each day. I also shadow other team members and update details on Active H, Accent’s database. I enjoy all the work but my favourite part of it has to be generating letters because I like using the mail merge tool.

Longer term, I want to learn new skills, meet new people and understand more about Accent. The best thing about working here is the friendly structure and the staff. They are nice, supportive and always happy to help out with any problem or concern.  

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Bryony Main

Bryony Cash
Job Title: Customer Services Apprentice
Duration: 1 year

I chose to do an apprenticeship with Accent because I was enjoying working. I knew I wouldn’t follow the tradition of school, sixth form/college and university, but I did want to learn something new. At Accent, I get to learn, work and earn at the same time. These things have helped me become a more independent person.

The qualifications I am working towards are technical certificate – CIH Level 2 certificate in Housing Practice and the City and Guilds Level 2 certificate in Housing (NVQ). I really enjoy my study. My tutor is engaging and makes sure I understand what I need to do to do well. At first I was worried about having enough time to complete assignments, but my tutor reassured me and I now know how to manage my time effectively so I can get the work done.

My role is within the housing team in Accent’s new contact centre, but I also help out in the repairs team. At present, I am being trained on the system Accent uses, as well as how to log a call and task. I have also helped other departments with admin duties. I enjoy what I’m doing as I am learning something new every day and working with people I haven’t met before.

From this apprenticeship, I hope to achieve my two qualifications and learn many new skills that I will use later in life. I will also have achieved a real working experience that not many people my age have had the opportunity to do.

The best thing about Accent is the staff. First, I was very nervous but everyone made me feel welcome and they help me whenever I’m struggling. Everyone is really positive in the contact centre so it is a really nice environment to work in.