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Consolidation Update


Bringing Accent Nene, Accent Peerless and Accent Foundation together to form Accent Housing.

On 15 February, we wrote to all Accent Nene and Accent Peerless residents asking for their views on our plans to consolidate Accent Nene and Accent Peerless with Accent Foundation. Our proposal was to transfer the homes belonging to Accent Nene and Accent Peerless to Accent Foundation. This is the most cost effective way to bring all three landlords together.

The consultation process

We consulted 9,037 residents. We received 291 responses. 63% supported our proposals, 3% were against. Generally, those against were about Accent becoming too big or changing for the sake of it. 19% made no comments, or had no feelings either way. 8% of comments related to individual tenancies. The remaining 7% asked for more details. We have reassured those residents with concerns that, because of our virtual consolidation, we have already been working as one organisation for the past three years and we would not be increasing in size or changing the way we deliver services.

The reason for the change is so we can provide better value for money, and have more resources available for development and investment in your homes. We can also play our part in the government’s plans to build one million new homes by 2020.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond. I have written to some of you personally to address any queries or concerns, and our contact centre team is picking up on your tenancy and repair queries.

What happens next?

Renaming Accent Foundation as Accent Housing.

We also want to change the name of Accent Foundation to Accent Housing as we think this describes us better.

If everything goes to plan, we will transfer all Accent Peerless and Accent Nene homes into Accent Foundation. We will then rename Accent Foundation as Accent Housing. Every Accent resident will then be a resident of Accent Housing. It will still be a charitable housing association, regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency. There will be no changes to your tenancy agreement, or your rights and responsibilities as our resident.

Accent Group Ltd is still our parent company, but Accent Housing will do exactly what it says on the tin – provide housing for the people who need it. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Gordon Perry, Chief Executive