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Tackling boiler theft in Hartlepool

BoilertaggingimageWe are working with Cleveland Police to help reduce the number of burglaries in Hartlepool.
We face a particular problem with the theft of boilers from empty homes which are waiting to be re-let. Boilers are often stolen to order, but even the people who receive them are at risk from the thieves’ excessive charges and the dangers of having them installed by unqualified fitters.  
Anti-social Behaviour Officer Clive Ledner said: “The thefts leave us with bills which can run into thousands of pounds, not just from the theft of the boiler itself, but also from the damage the thieves’ cause which we have to repair. The thefts also put nearby homeowners at risk. This is why we are working with the police to help crack down on boiler thefts, and other burglaries across Hartlepool, which are making residents’ lives in the local community a misery.”

We are now using Datatag, tiny electronic devices, which can be easily fitted to boilers and radiators to help the police identify where any stolen boilers recovered have been taken from.

Mr Ledner added: “Thieves need to be aware that we are using improved security measures to deter boiler theft. If they steal an Accent boiler, there is now a much greater chance that they, or the person they pass it on to, will get caught by the police”.

Anyone with information about boiler theft or other burglaries should call Cleveland Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.