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Residents Performance Report 2017/18

PerformancereportOur latest performance report to residents is here!

This year, our residents have decided on the content and look of our annual performance report.

We conducted a survey, to which we had over 180 responses, and we held a small focus group of residents who decided what we should be reporting, how we should report it and what we were reporting should look like.

Our residents also picked the name – “it’s about Accent’s performance” – they said, “so it should be called a performance report.”

So here it is!

We have also produced three summary reports for our northern, southern and eastern regions, containing the news and local updates you also wanted to see.

Download them here:

There is also a link to an important update about our repairs service. Getting the service right is your top priority, and we know we have some work to do - but we will get there.   

We would love to hear what you think about the reports – and if you have any suggestions for how we should present them next year.

Thanks for reading!