You must tell us if you want to end your tenancy.

You can tell us in writing or by completing the tenancy termination form below - once we've received the form a member of your local team will discuss the next steps with you.

The amount of notice you have to give us is explained in your tenancy agreement. It can vary, but it is usually four weeks. You are responsible for paying your rent until the end of that notice period, even if you leave before the date.

We will write and tell you the exact day your tenancy will end. We will also arrange an appointment to inspect your home before you leave to talk about any repairs or redecoration we feel is needed before you hand back your keys.



Before You Move Out

You should:

• Complete any repairs you are responsible for
• Make sure the property is clean
• Remove your own furniture, carpets and curtains
• Make sure your garden or other outside area is tidy
• Remove all your rubbish

If you have any large items of rubbish or things you don’t want to take with you, ask your local council to come and collect them.

When you are removing items, try not to damage the property or any  of our fixtures and fittings or appliances.

If you have good clean furniture and appliances you no longer want,  you could contact your local office to see if they are aware of any
agencies who might be able to collect and recycle clean unwanted items. Someone else may be glad of them.

You must not remove the fixtures and fittings attached to the structure of your home, or the appliances we own (such as boilers). If you are not sure whether something belongs to us, or may have belonged to a past resident, please check with us.

Before you move you should tell the following people:

• The council tax office
• The utility companies that provide your gas, electric and water
(Ask them to read your meters and send you a final bill – this will help you if there are any disputes)
• Your phone company so they can disconnect your landline telephone
• The Post Office so they can redirect your mail

On the day you move out

  • Turn off your water at the stop tap
  • Take your own meter readings for your gas, electric and water
  • Return your keys to us
  • Tell us your new address

Once your tenancy has ended

Once you return your keys to us, we will inspect the property to check if any repairs are needed before a new resident moves in. If we find any repairs that you are responsible for, whether or not we have discussed them with you, or we have to remove any of your belongings that you have left behind, we will charge you for the cost.

We will store any belongings you leave behind for 28 days after you move out and we will charge you for the storage costs. If you do not collect your belongings in 28 days, we will dispose of them.

If you are taking gas and electrical items with you, you must use a qualified electrician or Gas Safe registered engineer to disconnect them. You must not leave any bare wires or open gas pipes behind and you should turn off all your services at the mains before you leave.

If you have home contents insurance, you also need to tell your insurer you are moving so they can arrange cover in your new home. You should also tell TV Licensing so they can switch your license to your new home.

It could help to make a list of everyone you need to tell as things can sometimes get forgotten.

Tenancy Termination Form

We're sorry to hear that you want to leave us. Please complete this form and a member of your local housing team will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

If you would like to know more about how we use your personal information, please see our 'Privacy Notice'.

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