Accent’s Tenancy Sustainability Service is aimed at helping residents to remain in their homes for as long as they wish to do so. We invited residents who have accessed our Tenancy Sustainability Service to take part in a survey to find out whether the service promotes customer satisfaction, helps to maintain successful tenancies and delivers value for money. The findings were as follows:

44% of respondents said they were ‘confident’ before accessing the service. This rose to 89% after accessing the service. For this reason, we will be working more closely with residents who live in high-turnover areas to help them achieve steps towards independence. This could include help managing their household responsibilities, managing their money or seeking employment and training opportunities.

One of our aims to reduce the number of residents who end their tenancy within the first 12 months of it starting. We will be working more closely with new residents who are at higher risk of failing their tenancy. We will also be working more closely with prospective residents to make sure they are well-matched to our schemes and that they understand their responsibilities as a tenant. 

The survey revealed that Accent is not promoting the Tenancy Sustainability Service as effectively as it could be, as up to two thirds of residents have not heard of it. In addition, half of the respondents would feel uncomfortable talking to Accent if they were experiencing problems with debt. For this reason, we are considering changing the name of the Tenancy Sustainability Service to the Tenancy Support Service to better reflect its role.  

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