We invited residents on Starter Tenancies to take part in a survey to determine whether offering new residents Starter Tenancies promoted more successful tenancies in the long-term, and whether the number of visits from the Housing Officer to residents during this time was appropriate. The outcomes were as follows:

92% residents agreed that Accent should offer Starter Tenancies to new residents, on the basis that new residents may require extra support to maintain their tenancy during the first 12 months.

74% residents agreed that the number of visits they received from their Housing Officer during the first 12 months of their tenancy was appropriate, although some residents found the process intrusive. In the future, residents who do not require support to maintain their tenancy could receive fewer visits from their Housing Officer, so more time can be spent supporting residents who are at risk of failing their tenancy.

We are making improvements to our housing management system to make the procedures simpler and more straightforward for Housing Officers to follow, so they can focus on delivering support to residents who need it the most.

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