We invited residents to take part in a series of surveys to find out their thoughts on the Government's proposals for 'A new deal for social housing'.

In most respects, residents’ aspirations for the future of social housing were in line with our own.

You said: Respondents felt that features such as double-glazing, an affordable heat source and effective insulation should be criteria for the new ‘Accent standard’.

We did: Accent will need to review our stock and investment plans against the revised standard, but we expect the outcome of the review to be a simpler and more modern quality standard.

You said: Respondents felt confident about raising complaints but were less confident about accessing help and advice about progressing their complaints, locally or otherwise.

We did: Our new service offer, 'The Accent Partnership', will ensure clear ownership for the entire customer relationship through a single named officer. This will improve access to information and communication, reduce bureaucracy and ensure clarity about ownership for complaints resolution.

You said: Respondents’ comments indicate that while they feel they have opportunities to take part in surveys and consultations, they have little influence over issues affecting their schemes, neighbourhoods and communities and that they do not feel the impact of ‘grass roots’ engagement.

We did: We recognise that estate management has a strong bearing on customer satisfaction, which is why we are looking to resolve this issue. We will start by reviewing the current consultation practices, to consider ways in which we can offer residents more choice over who delivers their services and how they are delivered.

You said: Respondents felt that the negative stereotypes perpetuated by the media did little to address the problem of stigma.

We did: In terms of tackling stigma, one of the most effective ways we can contribute is to put out our own stories which counterbalance the negative portrayals of social housing in the popular media.

You said: Respondents were divided as to whether they aspired to own a home. Of those who aspire to own a home, more than half who like to buy the home they currently rent from us.

We did: We propose to improve the route to homeownership for tenants, which could involve lowering the minimum 10% staircasing requirement for shared-owners.

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An informal online community of involved residents, who take part in regular surveys and consultations.

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