Accent residents staff and board members have been working collaboratively to redesign Accent’s Resident Engagement Strategy over a series of meetings. This group is known as the Co-Design Group.

Accent has faced challenges over many years to engage with residents, in part due to the dispersed nature of our properties. We have tried a number of ways of involving residents, but have failed to attract a diverse range of people to represent the views of the 34,000 people who live in our properties.

The aim of the Co-Design Group is to work out how Accent can overcome these challenges, so that residents have the opportunity to shape and influence the services they receive.

The work of the Co-Design Group was complemented by a wider survey, which 365 residents took part in to tell us more about how they would prefer to be consulted. Priorities were as follows:

So that that residents can give us their views, at their convenience, without having to attend meetings. This will also help us to attract residents from a wide range of backgrounds, from all parts of the country.

In the past, the various panels and committees that Accent has supported have had very different aims and approaches, and it has not always been clear what their roles and responsibilities have been.

And more focus around groups of people with common interests; such as families, older people or homeowners.

We have not kept residents properly informed about the outcomes of surveys, focus groups and meetings, so residents feel like their views are not taken into consideration. This is something we need to address.

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