We invited residents to take part in a survey aimed about the way in which Accent checks satisfaction with repairs. 

Residents' responses helped us to understand that our automated telephone system does not offer residents the opportunity to provide feedback in the way that they would want and expect. With this in mind, we are pleased to reveal that the way in which we check satisfaction with repairs is changing.

You said: In almost ½ cases, respondents were unsure about which repair the satisfaction survey was asking about. Respondents’ comments revealed that this is a particular problem when multiple repairs are carried out within a short timeframe.

We did: We will include information in survey invitations to clarify which repair the survey pertains to. This could be the trade type (carpentry, electrical, plumbing) or a job reference number.

You said: One third of respondents were unsure as to whether the survey pertained to the handling or the outcome of the repair. Almost half of respondents would have given a different response if this had been clearer.

We did: We will administer two separate surveys. We will attempt to contact residents after they report the repair to find out if they were happy with the service provided by the Contact Centre. We will then attempt to contact them after the repair has been carried out to find out if they were happy with the overall outcome of the repair and the service provided by the contractor.

You said: The majority of respondents would like to be able to rate different aspects of the repair separately, (for instance; contractor conduct, quality of workmanship, time taken to complete repair etc.).

We did: Residents will be able to provide comments about their repairs to let us know exactly why they are happy or unhappy. More detailed feedback will help us to address issues more effectively and inform improvements to staff and contractor performance.

You said: Two thirds of respondents would have liked to provide feedback by another means, and three quarters of respondents would have found it useful to provide feedback outside of usual working hours.

We did: Some residents find automated telephone calls intrusive or irritating. We are proposing to administer surveys by text message or email instead, so that residents can provide feedback at their convenience.

You said: Sometimes we were using the wrong telephone number to contact residents to check satisfaction with repairs.

We did: Our new system will administer the survey to the person who actually reported the repair, as opposed to any other household member. We have also analysed the data stored in our housing management system to identify any inaccurate contact details and correct them. 

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