We invited residents to take part in a survey aimed at understanding their experience of the whole of Accent's repairs service - not just the overall outcome of the repair.

Your responses helped us to identify which parts of the service are good, and which parts are in need of improvement. This will inform a full review of the systems and processes we use.

You said: Only 6 out of 10 respondents were satisfied with the repairs appointment arrangements.

We did: We are working with our contractors to reconcile our appointment schedules so that both staff and customers will have access to real-time information about which repairs slots are available.

This will improve the experience for residents who choose to report repairs online, and reduce the number of cancelled appointments. It will also help to ensure that the right tradesperson is assigned the job and is equipped with the right tools for the repair.

You said: Up to ¼ respondents were unclear about the appointment arrangements, having reported the repair. In cases where the contractor was not able to complete the repair on the first visit, ¾ respondents were unclear about what would happen next.

We did: We are considering ways in which we can keep residents better informed about their repairs. This could include a confirmation or a reminder of appointments by text. We will offer customers a degree of choice about what information they wish to receive and when.

We are also working with contractors to ensure that if a follow-up appointment is required, operatives make an arrangement with residents before they leave.

You said: Respondents expressed concern about the way in which Accent checks satisfaction with repairs. 

We did: We recognise that the automated telephone and text message surveys do not help Accent to understand ‘customer journeys’.

We are considering software solutions which will enable residents to rate aspects of the repairs service separately (for instance; Contact Centre service, quality of the repair, contractor conduct).

You said:Where residents had expressed dissatisfaction with their repair, in only 4 out of 10 cases did Accent address issues that had been brought to our attention.

We did: In many cases, we are unable to contact residents to find out why they are unhappy with their repair.

We would like to offer residents the opportunity to provide comments about their repair, so we can be sure about what went wrong. This will help us to identify exactly where services fall short of residents’ expectations, and address failures in service delivery more effectively.

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An informal online community of involved residents, who take part in regular surveys and consultations.

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