Accent receives hundreds of complaints about anti-social behaviour, specifically noise nuisance every year. In order to ensure that complaints are being dealt with as effectively as possible we invited all residents who had experienced noise nuisance to take part in a survey, as part of a resident-led scrutiny. Our findings were as follows:

Many of the respondents to the survey had expressed disappointment that information was not shared between staff as such cases were not resolved as effectively as they could have been. 

In some cases, when customers reported noise nuisance they had unrealistic expectations of what Accent could do about the problem. As such they felt dissatisfied with the advice given and the outcome of their complaint. This indicates that we need to improve our management of customer expectations. 

It was found that only 30% of complainants attempted to resolve problems with their neighbours before asking Accent to intervene. We think that where possible, low-level cases of noise nuisance should be resolved at a neighbourhood level so that Housing Officer time can be spent dealing with more serious complaints.

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