We invited residents who receive grounds maintenance services from Accent or its contractors to take part in a survey to tell us how satisfied they are with their performance, and whether the landscaped areas were suitable for the needs of people living on our schemes.

At the time the survey was carried out more than one third of residents are dissatisfied with the service provided by the grounds maintenance service provider. As such, we are taking the following measures to:

  • Find out more about what residents actually want and expect from us
  • Pay closer attention to the performance of our grounds maintenance service providers
  • Address any areas of concern that have been brought to our attention

Residents living on the same schemes had different expectations as to what the ground maintenance provider should be doing. As such, we need to make it clearer to residents what their service charge actually pays for, and provide a specification to residents who request it. 

It has become apparent that residents want different things from their grounds maintenance service provider. For this reason, we will be carrying out further consultations with residents on some schemes to find out what we can do about this.

We will be taking these results and comparing them with data collected from inspections carried out by Scheme Managers, Housing Officers and Homeownership Officers. We will also compare the results against complaints and other forms of feedback to work out which areas of our services need the most attention.

We now have an indicator of how our grounds maintenance service providers are performing but in order to assess whether standards are improving, we will be carrying out more regular satisfaction surveys in the future. We will use an automated system similar to the system we use to check satisfaction with repairs.

In most cases, we are able to assess how much time our contractors spend at each scheme from trackers fitted in their vans. We will use this information to assess whether the standards we expect can be realistically achieved with the amount of time they have available. 

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