We invited customers to give us their thoughts on our communications. We received over 300 responses to our email, post and text message surveys and more than 40 residents across the country attended events to give their views in person.

We explored the accessibility, content and tone of our written and online communications. The findings from this consultation are summarised below. You can view the full results here.


  • One out of five people who responded felt that we don’t tell them about issues which affect their tenancy and their homes in good time. Customers also felt we don’t give them enough notice when we need them to take action.
  • One out of five people who responded felt we don’t give clear instructions when we need them to take action. Also that the instructions from us and our contractors are often conflicting.
  • Contractor communications are ‘hit and miss’ and not consistently in line with our values.
  • Our tone of voice lacks empathy. If our aim is for customers to engage with us, we need to show we understand their concerns.
  • One out of three people who responded felt we did not do enough to show we care in the way we communicate with them.
  • Our automated letters are too formal, cold and intimidating – particularly around arrears.
  • Good service was reported from the contact centre, but there was some difficulty in getting through.
  • Less than half of people who responded know who their customer partner is and less than one third found it easy to get in touch with their customer partner. (You can find out who your customer partner is here).
  • Our online services are valued, but they need to be continually updated and invested in so they can provide more services.

What next?

We are going to make the entire range of our communications, including our letters, our website and how we talk to you much better. To help us make sure nothing is left out, we are setting up six ‘work streams’ which cover all our communications. These are:

  • Customer segmentation – the information we hold on our customers and how we use it.
  • Digital communications – improving our website and other online services.
  • Standard letters – all the system generated letters we produce.
  • Tone of voice – setting the right tone for our communications.
  • Contractor engagement – making sure contractors engage with you in the right way.
  • Content strategy – what we communicate to you and when we communicate it.  

Staff and residents will be working collaboratively to make this happen. Our aim is to make sure the communications we send customers are clear, relevant, personal and useful.

We’ll update this page to keep you informed about the progress we have made.

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