We invited residents to take part in a survey to find out what Accent should include in its Annual Report to Residents.

We are pleased to report that more than 100 residents took part in this survey, giving us a strong indication of your preferences and priorities. The survey was complemented by a focus group of residents which examined the content, the design and the format of the Annual Report in more detail.

Our findings were as follows:

Residents would like more information about completion times, appointments kept and satisfaction with repairs. Residents would like to know not only what improvements have been made to properties in the previous year, but what investments are planned for the coming years.

Residents were not concerned with how many new homes were built or how many people we rehoused. You were more interested in what improvements we are making to the properties we already own, and the benefits that we provide to existing residents.

Residents feel that ‘local news’ is not especially local and therefore not particularly relevant. Residents might be interested in what is happening in their neighbourhood but not necessarily what is happening elsewhere in the region.

Residents indicated that they would prefer to receive the report by email. They also suggested that the term ‘performance statement’ might be more appropriate. Feedback from residents at the focus group indicated that the use of infographics could improve readership and promote better engagement from residents.

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