We invited customers to take part in a survey to find out whether you would be interested in renting an appliance from one of Accent’s trusted partners.

We are pleased to inform you that, following your feedback, we are trialling a scheme with electrical retailer Appliances Online, to offer customers appliances at an affordable rent. You can find more details below.

You said: We discovered that less than half of respondents already had essential household appliances (such as a washing machine, cooker and fridge) when they moved into their properties, and less than a quarter of respondents were able to afford such appliances soon after moving in.

We did: We are collaborating with electrical retailer Appliances Online, to offer residents household appliances at an affordable rent. We are trialling this scheme with new residents in the North West. If successful, we plan to roll this scheme out to existing residents in other areas of the country.

You said: More than half of respondents considered taking out appliances on hire purchase from high street stores. These stores typically charge high rates of interest and customers can end up paying far more for their appliances than they are worth.

We did: Our partnership with Appliances Online is aimed at offering customers high quality, reliable appliances at rents they can afford.

You said: In previous consultations, customers have indicated that they struggle to afford to repair or replace their appliances when they break down.

We did: Through this scheme all repairs and replacements are free and customers can cancel their contract at any time. Customers will even get an upgrade after 5 years, if they choose to renew their contract.

You said: Respondents agreed that a rent of £2 per week was an acceptable rent for an appliance such as a washing machine.

We did: Through our partnership with Appliances Online, customers can rent a washing machine for £2 per week, with no hidden costs. We are trialling this scheme with washing machines, fridge-freezers and cookers initially but we hope to be able to offer other appliances at similar rates too.

You said: Respondents indicated that they would be happy to pay the rent for their appliance by Direct Debit.

We did: Paying by Direct Debit is a condition of this scheme, but Appliances Online will be happy to help customers who are struggling to make payments – to prevent customers from defaulting on Direct Debit payments and incurring additional charges from their banks.

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