Accent 500 is a collective of Accent residents who we consult with on a regular basis to better understand residents’ priorities and preferences, and to find out what customers think about the services we provide.

We carried out a survey to find out whether members' involvement is enjoyable, meaningful and impactful, and what we could do to improve their experience as members. You can view the results of this consultation here, and find out more about the changes we are making following this feedback below:

You said: Members who rent a home from Accent are generally satisfied with the variety, the frequency and the relevance of the activities they are invited to take part in. Homeowners were less satisfied.

We did: Many of Accent’s services are aimed at residents who rent a home from us, which is why it is not always appropriate to invite homeowners to take part in every survey. We are proposing to set up a separate leaseholder forum, to consult with leaseholders across the country about homeownership issues. There will be more information about this in early 2020.

You said: Members would like to take part in more events and have the opportunity to interact with one another.

We did: From April 2020, we will increase our budget for resident engagement opportunities. This means we can facilitate meetings outside of our offices and host events in communities we may not have visited before. We will make clearer the ways in which we can support residents to attend events, such as arranging transport for them. We will consider hosting more events on evenings and weekends for the benefit of residents who work in the daytime.

You said: Most respondents were primarily concerned with local issues; those affecting their home and their community. Respondents’ comments indicated that they lacked opportunities to have their views heard at a ‘grass roots’ level.

We did: The role of Customer Partner replaces the role of Housing Officer. This role will be less focussed on tenancy enforcement and more focussed on tenancy support. This may involve consulting with you about issues affecting your neighbourhood and community from time-to-time.

You can find out who your Customer Partner is here. You can read more about how we have engaged with residents at a ‘grass roots’ level here.

You said: Some respondents requested more detailed feedback about the outcomes of surveys and consultations. They would have liked to see survey results, action plans and progress reports, for example.

We did: Our aim is to be totally transparent about the feedback we receive, which is why we will publish the results of surveys as well as the outcomes – so you can be confident that we are acting in the interest of all residents. You can view the results of this particular consultation here.

You said: Half of the respondents were over the age of 60.

We did: We are considering ways in which we can make the Accent 500 more representative of the wider Accent community. We will start by promoting the opportunity to join the Accent 500 to new residents, by means of a ‘Welcome to Accent’ email.

You said: 82% respondents were satisfied that Accent keeps them informed about the outcomes of surveys and consultations, but respondents were less convinced that services had actually improved as a result.

We did: Reporting the outcomes of surveys in the ‘You said, We did’ format seems to be working; but we need to be more specific about what has actually changed and provide evidence.

Join the Accent 500

An informal online community of involved residents, who take part in regular surveys and consultations.

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