Meet Lyn Nelson

Me being me, I had to be involved.”

Camberley resident Lyn retired when she was 59 after working for the Ministry of Defence. She was involved with a number of important contracts, including a major defence programme, but that’s all she can say about that! Lyn has also worked as a secretary and in a bank, and lived in France for a number of years before returning to England and moving into her Accent home

Lyn has always had an interest in business and is keen to help people understand the different priorities residents have in the south, where there is a shortage of homes people can afford.

Lyn has been working to improve services for residents for a number of years, serving in our southern region on the former customer services committee and the former national residents' panel. She was also involved on the more recent co-design group.

Lyn is always interested in people, and the businesses looking after their interests, so she is delighted to be on the scrutiny group and really enjoying the job.   


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