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December 2020

You said: Due to the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus, we were unable to hold the usual AGM and pre-budget meetings face-to-face with residents on this leasehold scheme.

We did: Instead of cancelling or postponing the meeting, we held it online. In advance of the meeting, the local Homeownership Specialist recorded a presentation of the annual accounts, explaining any variations in charges. A recording of the meeting was posted online for the benefit of residents who had not been able to attend.

March 2020

You said: Residents would like more involvement in monitoring the performance of our grounds maintenance contractors. 

We did: Accent is working in partnership with grounds maintenance provider, Greenfingers, to deliver the Green Inspector scheme. The aim is to make sure that residents receive the service they are paying for. The Green Inspector is a resident volunteer who will:

  • Provide regular feedback on grounds maintenance by taking part in online surveys
  • Take part in regular inspections accompanied by a representative from Greenfingers to assess the quality of work
  • Attend meetings with other residents, representatives from Accent and representatives from Greenfingers to discuss performance.

We hope that this scheme will help to make sure the estate is maintained as it should be and that all residents can benefit from a safe and attractive living environment. 

August 2019

You said: Residents would like to be recognised for the care and attention they pay to maintaining an attractive living environment.

We did: We facilitated an inter-scheme gardening competition for all Independent Living schemes in the region. We awarded prizes (and trophies) for 'Best Garden', 'Most Improved & Inspiring Garden' and 'Engagement & Inclusion'.

November 2019

You said: Residents would like more involvement with the wider community.

We did: On the 30th anniversary on the completion of Richmond House, the Mayor of Chorley visited to celebrate with residents. The Scheme Manager has created a social hub at Richmond House and works with local charities and organisations such as Lancashire Adult Learning and University of the Third Age to promote engagement with the wider community. At the event, members of the local 'Knit and Natter' group raised money for the local children's ward.

August 2020

You said: In 2020, we took the decision to close communal lounges in all schemes across the country. The aim was to minimise contact between residents and to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading. As the country began to emerge from lockdown, some residents wanted the communal lounges to reopen.

We did: We consulted with residents to determine whether they would be in favour of reopening the communal lounge and what safety measures they would like to see in place if the communal lounge were to reopen.

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