Can I buy my Accent home?

Can I buy my Accent home?

It might be possible for you to buy the home you rent with us, but it will depend on your circumstances and what tenancy you have.

There are two schemes that can help you buy your rented home; the right to buy and the right to acquire.

The Right to Buy

You may qualify for the right to buy your home if you became an Accent resident before 15 January 1989, and you hold a secure tenancy. We can tell you what type of tenancy you have.

Even if your tenancy gives you the right to buy your home, we reserve the right not to let you buy it in some cases. For example, if we are taking any form of action against you, or your home has been specially adapted for your needs.  

The Right to Acquire

If you have an assured tenancy with us, and you live in a home that was built with public funds after 1 April 1997, you may have the right to ‘acquire it.’ The length of time you have been a tenant also affects your right. Talk to us about your possible right to acquire.

Is it right for you?

Buying a home is probably the biggest decision you will ever make, and it isn’t right for everyone. Always take advice from a solicitor, building society or bank before you make any commitment. As well as a mortgage, there are other costs such as legal fees and insurance to take into account.   

Also if you buy your home, some of your services may change, particularly repairs and maintenance. We will explain these to you before you make a decision.

What’s next?

Talk to us! If you are definitely thinking about buying a home with us, we can help you with your next steps.

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