Homemade Homes by Accent Selling your shared ownership home

Selling Your Shared Ownership Home

Shared ownership is an excellent way to get yourself on the property ladder if you have a low income. However, there often comes a time when you have to move. Perhaps your family has expanded, or maybe you need to relocate for work or school. Thankfully, selling a shared ownership home is simple with our dedicated team.

The process of selling a shared ownership home is usually outlined in the lease you signed when you bought shares in the property. This process may differ slightly from housing association to housing association. At Accent Housing, we have a dedicated and experienced property sales team, Homemade Homes by Accent, that will help you through the process.

If you have outgrown your current Shared Ownership home, or you need to relocate or you need to sell your for another reason, we can help. We have a specialist team ready to help our customers through the process of selling a Shared Ownership home. Find out more here.

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