Home Improvements

If you want to make any alterations to your property, your agreement will explain what permissions you need first. Examples of work you need permission for might include:

  • Building an extension.
  • Converting a loft.
  • Replacing windows (where this is your responsibility).

You will need our permission for all work that will alter the structure or layout of your home, even if it is not part of the main structure. For example, taking down an inside wall that is not a supporting wall.

You should always check your agreement first before you think about any alterations or additions.

Conditions for Home Improvements 

A written request should be made detailing the proposed works. We will consider the request and, if reasonable, grant permission on the condition that: 

  • The work is carried out at your own expense.
  • A competent builder completes the work.
  • It doesn't contravene any of the terms in your agreement.

Depending on the work proposed, you may also need to get planning permission from the local council. Even if you have this, or do not need any, you still need to get our permission before you can go ahead. If you do work without getting our permission first, you would be breaking the terms of your agreement and we may require you, to put the property back into the condition before you started the work.

You also need to check that you own the space you want to alter or use. For example, if your garden is shared, you cannot build an extension over it. Another example is that the roof space is not usually included in the ownership of an individual flat, even if it seems that only you have access to it. In this case, you would need to ask us if it would be possible to buy the roof space.

If you are not sure whether you own the space you want to alter, look at the plans in your agreement.

You will also be responsible for any maintenance or servicing of anything you do to your home.

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