Buildings Insurance

If your home has building insurance cover with us, you do not need to take out a separate policy. Your lease or agreement will confirm who is responsible for insuring the building.

What is covered?

Generally, the fabric of the building is covered under this policy. However, it does not include repairing the actual source of the fault such as a leaking pipe that has caused flooding. If the flood then caused damage to ceilings, walls etc., then these would be covered as consequential damage. 

The circumstances of each claim can vary greatly, so we recommend that you contact us if you think you may have a claim against the building policy.

Most properties related to us are covered by our building insurance, but if you are unsure what is covered, please check your lease or agreement to find out.

Contents Insurance

The contents of your home are not covered by our buildings insurance, so we highly recommend that you take out your own contents insurance policy.

We can help our homeowners get home contents insurance easily and at an affordable price. With a special scheme called My Home, arranged with the National Housing Federation, Accent residents can protect their belongings and gain peace of mind knowing that if the unexpected happens, they have cover.

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