What does the National Scrutiny Group do?

Our National Scrutiny Group works alongside our Customer Experience Committee and the main Accent Board to ensure we uphold the interests of all our customers.

The National Scrutiny Group is made up of tenants and homeowners who represent a broad cross-section of Accent's wider customer base. They investigate particular aspects of Accent's service delivery and collect evidence from a range of sources to support their recommendations. This may involve:

  • Interviews with staff, contractors and suppliers.
  • Interpretation of data from our housing management system.
  • Analysis of secondary source information.
  • Surveys and consultations involving the wider customer base.

You can read more about the roles and responsibilities of the National Scrutiny Group here.


Repairs Satisfaction Review

Fire Safety Communications

Grounds Maintenance

Tenancy Terminations Under 12 Months


Grass Roots Engagement

Customer Care Checks

Annual Report 2020-21

Joining the National Scrutiny Group

You do not need to have had any experience of resident involvement to serve on the National Scrutiny Group, but you do need to have certain skills and aptitudes. For this reason, you have to apply to join the group. 

Training opportunities are provided and, as with any form of resident engagement, we will reimburse all reasonable expenses incurred including travel to and from any meetings or events that you attend.

Unfortunately we do not have any vacancies on the National Scrutiny Group at this time.


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