Action in the Event of Fire EVACUATION PROCEDURES

At Accent we take the safety of our residents very seriously. Our aim is to provide safe homes and support our customers in leading safe lives within them.

It is always important to know what to do in the event of fire, particularly if you live somewhere with a communal area, such as in a block of flats, or an Independent Living or Extra Care Scheme. Advice on what to do in each of our individual schemes can be found below.…

Key: SP = Stay Put   FE = Full Evacuation


SP  Addlington Court

SP  Albion Courte

SP  Alder Close

SP  Alexander House

SP  Ansell Road

SP  Appleby Court

SP  Aprilla Court

SP  Argyll Court

SP  Arlington Court

SP  Ashfields

SP  Astura Court

SP  Aurelia House

SP  Avenue Lightwater, The

SP  Avenue Sucy


SP  Bain Avenue

SP  Ballard Court

SP  Barnby Place

SP  Barn Croft

SP  Barton Close

SP  Bevishall

SP  Bishophill Senior

FE  Bishopton Road

SP  Black Prince Avenue

SP  Blandford House

SP  Blenheim Road

FE  Bourne House

SP  Bracknell Road

SP  Bramling Court

SP  Buckingham Street

SP  Burchetts Close

SP  Byram Court


SP  Cambridge Road

SP  Carpenters Court

SP  Cedar Court

SP  Century Square

SP  Chapel Court

SP  Chapel Road

SP  Chapman Court

SP  Chapel Gate Court

SP  Cheetham Meadow

SP  Cherry Lea Court

SP  Chesterton Court

FE  Church Street

SP  Church View

SP  Claremont Court

SP  Clervaux & Badsworth Court

SP  Clock Tower, The

SP  Cloisters, The

SP  Cody Court

SP  Cogenhoe Walk

FE  Connaught Court

SP  Cook Avenue

SP  Cotton End

SP  Cordwalles Court

FE  Cowhill Lane

SP  Cranbrook Gardens

SP  Cranmore Court

FE  Crow Nest Court

SP  Curlew Lodge

SP  Cypress Court


SP  Dallington Court

SP  Darwin Court

FE  Deaconess Court

SP  Deanside

SP  De Havilland Court

SP  Denford Court

SP  Derek Horn Court

SP  Dorchester Court

SP  Drake Avenue

SP  Dunmowe Way

FE  Durham Road

FE  Dyehouse Lane


SP  Eaglesthorpe

SP  Earl Close

SP  Easthorpe Court

SP  Edwins Court

SP  Elizabeth Terrace

SP  Elton House

SP  Emmanuel Court

SP  Esher Road

SP  Evergreen Road


SP  Fairfield Court

SP  Fairfield View

SP  Farlakes Drive

SP  Farmers Row

SP  Fitzwilliam Street

FE  Folly Hall Gardens, The

FE  Foundry Street

SP  Franks Close


SP  Garood Close

SP  Gatton Park Road

SP  Glamis Walk

SP  Glover Court

SP  Goldings Court

FE  Goldsworth Road

FE  Gordon Avenue

FE  Gospel Hall

SP  Green Lane

SP  Greenfield House

SP  Greenwood Grove


SP  Haggis Gap

SP  Halliwell Court

SP  Hanbury

SP  Hansart Court

SP  Harpole Walk

SP  Harrison Court

FE  Harton Lea

SP  Hazelhurst Court

SP  Heady Hill Court

SP  Heather Mead Court

FE  Henrietta Street

SP  Henson Drive

SP  Heyford Close

SP  Highview Crescent

SP  Holly House

SP  Holmefield Court

SP  Holmefield House

SP  Holmwood

SP  Hooton Road

SP  Horseshoe Crescent

SP  Howden Drive

SP  Howell Drive

SP  Hunt Court


SP  Imperial Court

SP  Ingleborough

FE  Ings Close


SP  Jeremy Downs House

SP  Joan Wake Close


FE  Kay Street

SP  Kayes Court

SP  Keyworth Court

SP  Kilnbarn Court

FE  King Street

SP  Kirk House Accrington

SP  Kirkness Court


SP  Lakeview Way

SP  Lambert Court

SP  Langley House

SP  Lawns, The

SP  Lawrance Lodge

SP  Lidgett Park Close

SP  Lime Kiln Close

SP  Lindsey Court

SP  London Road

SP  Longthorpe Court

SP  Lorraine Road

SP  Lumley Road


SP  Makin Court

SP  Malins Lodge

SP  Manor House Close

SP  Manor House, Flat 16

SP  Manor House, 1–7

SP  Maple Croft

FE  Marlborough Road

SP  Martindales, The

SP  Mathon Court

SP  Mayes Rise

FE  Mayfield Grove

SP  Meade Court

SP  Merton Fold

SP  Middlemoor Road

SP  Mill Court

SP  Milnshaw Gardens

SP  Mitcham Road

SP  Mitchell Square

SP  Mitchell Close

SP  Monarch Road

SP  Moor View Court

SP  Morrell Court

SP  Mountbatten Court


SP  Napier Place

SP  Neem House

FE  Nelson Street

SP  Nene Court

SP  Netherton House

FE  Newton Hall Community Centre

FE  Northside Walk


SP  Oak Lane

FE  Oak Mount

FE  Oak Street

SP  Oakhurst Court

FE  Old Station Court

FE  Old Town Hall

SP  Orchard Court

SP  Orchard, The

SP  Osbourne Close


SP  Pannet House

FE  Parkgate

SP  Park Street

FE  Picadilly Road

SP  Pildacre Brow

SP  Pildacre Lane

SP  Pilton Close

SP  Plackett Close

SP  Portchester House

SP  Providence House

FE  Primary Court

SP  Pye Nest Court


SP  Radcliffe Crescent

SP  Raglan Gardens (Baker Fold & Raglan Court)

FE  Railway Street

SP  Ramsden Street

SP  Ramsey Park

SP  Rayner Court

FE  Red House Court

FE  Reynolds Street

SP  Rosemount Point

SP  Royal Huts Avenue

SP  Richard Watson Gardens

SP  Richmond House Chorley

SP  Ringstead Road

SP  Ripley Street

SP  River Walk

SP  Rooley Court

SP  Ryedale Way


SP  Sandtoft House

SP  Saxondale Court

FE  School House Mews

SP  Shepardson Court

SP  Shirley Manor Gardens

SP  Shrewsbury Court

SP  Silver Hill

SP  Skells Court

SP  Southdown Court

SP  Southlands

SP  Southfield Lodge

SP  Southway

SP  Southwick Close

FE  Spa Lane

SP  Springmill Street

SP  St. Andrew's Court

SP  St. Blaise Court

SP  St. Catherine's Grange

SP  St. Edmunds Walk

FE  St. James Street

FE  St. Paul's Road

SP  St. Phillips Court

FE  St. Vincent House

SP  Stafford House (Flats 1 – 46)

FE  Stafford House (Flats 47 – 50)

FE  Stansfield Grange

SP  Stanwick Court

SP  Stanwick House

SP  Stapleton House

FE  Station Road Peterlee

SP  Station View

SP  Station View Extra Care

SP  Stillington House

SP  Stonehouse Rise

SP  Stowehill Road

SP  Sturdee Close

SP  Sudbury Court

SP  Suffolk Court

SP  Sullivan Road

SP  Surrey Avenue

SP  Swan Court

SP  Swift's Corner


FE  Tanner Hill Road

SP  Tarragon Grove

SP  Thirkhill Court

SP  Thornfield Hall

SP  Thornville Court

SP  Thrapston Avenue

SP  Tiley Square

SP  Tilebarn Court

SP  Townsend Close

SP  Trinity House

SP  Turf Hill Road

SP  Tutsham Court


FE  Union Road


SP  Vere Square

SP  Vernon Court

FE  Vicarage Mount

FE  Victoria Buildings

SP  Victoria Court Court

SP  Vyner House


SP  Wansdyke Close

SP  Weedon Close

FE  Welbury drive

SP  Weller Drive

SP  Welton Court

FE  Westbourne Grove

SP  Westfield Court

SP  Westhay Court

SP  Wharfe View

SP  Whitley Court

SP  Willow Court Office

SP  Wimbledon Close

SP  Wimbledon Road

SP  Windmill Lane

SP  Windsor Court Road

FE  Windsor Road

SP  Woodston Walk

SP  Woodston Top

FE  Woodview Terrace


SP  Yarwell Court

Our Fire Evacuation policies explained

Stay Put Procedure

If there is ever a fire at your scheme, the evacuation process (set by the local fire service), is what’s known as:


A delayed evacuation is used in buildings where a fire can be safely contained within a flat. If evacuation is required, those residents in the immediate area of the fire can evacuate first.

If the alarm sounds and you are in your flat, close all the windows and doors and stay put. Your home is designed to resist fire for 60 minutes. If people can stay safe by staying in their flats, the fire and rescue service can focus on extinguishing a fire without a causing panic. Only leave your flat if it is affected by fire or smoke or when you are advised to do so by the fire and rescue service.

But, if the fire is in your own flat or you are in a communal area when the alarm sounds LEAVE immediately. Close the doors behind you, raise the alarm and call 999.

Follow the green exit signs. Never use the lifts or stop to collect belongings. Once you get outside, stay a safe distance away from the building and don’t go back inside until you are told it is safe to do so.

For more information on fire safety please contact your customer partner on 0345 678 0555.

Full Evacuation Procedure

If there is ever a fire at your scheme, the evacuation process (set by the local fire service), is what’s known as:


This means you should leave your home and follow the green exit signs AS SOON AS THE FIRE ALARM SOUNDS, or if there is a fire in your own flat.

Do not stop to collect any of your belongings, just leave as safely and as quickly as possible.

Follow the green exit signs in the building. Never use the lifts. Once you get outside, stay a safe distance away from the building and don’t go back inside until you are told it is safe to do so.

We have certain legal obligations when it comes to fire safety, and protecting our homes and our residents.

These include:

  • Carrying out fire risk assessments on your home.
  • Carrying out fire risk assessments in communal areas to make sure escape routes are kept clear.
  • Making sure your front door meets with current fire safety standards.
  • Fitting special heat and smoke detectors. (If the detectors are linked to a fire panel, they will be checked by our contractors every year).
  • Weekly tests of fire alarms in buildings that have a fire panel.
  • Checking fire safety signage displayed around your building is up to date.

For more information on fire safety, please contact your Customer Partner on 0345 678 0555.

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